Saint Etienne Estate

General Information and Location

Hidden at the arch of a sinuous road surrounded by the lush of a luxuriant vegetation, in the depth of the island of Martinique, you will discover the
regalian, the majestic and preserved buildings of the Saint Etienne Estate. The Estate, between Saint Joseph & the Gros Morne, is located in a northern (of the island) typical setting, crossed by the River Lézarde, with its exuberant nature and the pervasive presence of the water element.

Additional Information

The Saint Etienne Estate was built on the lands of La Maugée a vast cane sugar Plantation from the 19th Century, on more than 1000 acres/400 hectares.

The Architectural ensemble is formed by the Main House which overviews the Distillery and the ancient workers cabins, a living testimony of the old housing system typical of Martinique.

We propose our dear visitors a tour in the luxuriant garden made of rare wood species, the tour goes on witnessing the bottling process of the Rum HSE (Habitation Saint Etienne), Rum tasting in the Salle des Foudres HSE (Tasting on the right spot where the barrels are stocked and the aging process of Rum takes places), where you will enjoy the photography exhibition of Jean Luc de Laguarigue, paying tribute to Edouard Glissant: Le Pays des Imaginés. This exhibition is a gravitas, tenderness and humor contemplation. The 15 photographic compos questions the borders and fine lines between the material world and the fantastic world, setting the focus on a dreamlike vision. Those pieces of art, all in big panoramic format, crafted from different images crossing each other paths or questioning each other in the process, can be also admired and understood as solo pieces. Nonetheless they are fully charged of symbols that one might enjoy to take the time to discover them.

Les Foudres HSE (the Barrels Hall) are also often a great venue, hosting a multitude of cultural events, a great sharing space for all artistic and aesthetic medias, where they can fully express themselves. This welcoming yet ambitious unique venue, welcomes all artists, photographers, painters, sculptors, poets and musicians. True to its tradition, the Saint Etienne Estate holds in a elegant venue rum tasting of all the wide range of its fine production.

From Monday to Friday, 9:00 am – 12:30 pm & 1 pm -4 pm

Trois Rivières Estate
General information & Location

In the South of the Island, on the beaches route, the Wind Mill stands at the entry of the Trois Rivières Plantation. That Estate previously owned by Nicolas Fouquet (famous counselor by his wealth and his political power, later disgraced by Louis the 14th), is one of over 600 hectares/1500 acres of land.

You will be able to witness all stages of the process of high quality rum making. From cropping the cane, to the distillery process, all the necessary steps to create a fine agricultural rum.

A Complementary Rum tasting will be waiting for you at the Wind Mill’ boutique.

The Plantation also welcomes on its ground handcraftsmanship such as the House of Coco, the House of Bamboo, the Workshop Art & Nature…

Open Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5.30 pm and Saturdays from 9 am to 1 pm.
Starting from December 4th, 2016: Monday to Sunday 09:00 at 12:30 and 13:00 at 17:00.

Saint Etienne Estate
97213 Gros Morne

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