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ZILEA is your partner in choosing the modalities of your vacation!
Ziléa, the Club of the Tourism & Holidays Professional of Martinique, is the gathering of the best key players of the tourism Industry of the Island.
Our Only Goal: Improve and Upgrade the Tourism Offer in Martinique, in a clear desire to cater for all.

The Association Zilea
The Association Zilea Zilea, a word which rolls off the tongue like a pretty first name, is a beautiful anagram of the word “alizé”, the wind which brings travelers to us. “Zil” evokes island in Creole and “éa” adds a certain exotic, touristic graciousness.

It is precisely this wind, alizé, blowing around a host of different stars and assembling them under the one name, which is symbolized in the logo of Ziléa. These stars represent our high standards in tourism and our logo is a metaphor for the mission of our association: to bring together the best elements in Martinique.

Our team

Philippe Lecuyer

Philippe Lecuyer

Thierry Blanc

Thierry Blanc

Yves Jacquet

Yves Jacquet

1Our objectives:

- To represent Tourism Professionals in Martinique.

- To promote these companies on a commercial scale inside and outside Martinique.

- To assure an ongoing consultation among our members, providing professional and statistical data, in order to improve the running of the companies.

- To participate in all meetings of professional organizations, associations and institutions concerning the touristic development of Martinique at a national and international level.

2Our missions

Regarding the members of the Club:
The Club contributes to the development of the vacation industry in Martinique, working towards making Martinique a destination with high added value. Our common goal is to make Martinique a key destination while always increasing the quality of its tourist offer. Hence the importance of Ziléa in promoting this destination.

Regarding Consumers
Ziléa provides a strong link between the public at large and the Club members. Offering the full spectrum of the entire tourism industry: all the different types of accommodation (hotels, resorts, hotel-clubs, luxury and exclusive private villas, self-catering cottages, government certified furnished rentals...) travel brokers (travel agents, agencies specialized in tailored vacations and stays, convention, business trips...) sailing travels (cruises and yachting), leisure and sight- seeing spots, car rental, etc.

3Our DNA

The Club's mission is to federate and create a group with a strong voice in the local tourism industry and thereby make it a key player.

The membership process follows strict rules and has high standards in order to best fulfill the customer’s needs and expectations

Club Members:
Hotels and Resorts (listed or not)

Other Tourism Industry Players:
Tour operators, car rental Companies, yachting Companies and cruise ships...

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